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This page is for our suppliers, here you will find our Terms and Conditions, along with useful information, such as how to load containers and videos.  We will be adding to this area as we slowly implement new systems.

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Terms and Conditions

Collection confirmation and shipping documents will be emailed to you prior to the loading date requested.

  • Annex shipping document only requires container number and seal number to be entered.
  • All other fields have been completed by SRR.
  • Please ensure the drivers note is complete with time of arrival and departure.

All containers are to be loaded with a minimum of 26,000 kilos of product.

Loading time allowance is strictly 3 hours, anything over is will incur detention costs £85 per hour or part thereof.

    • If the container does not arrive for its allocated time slot please call SRR immediately so we can liaise directly with the shipping line and obtain the ETA.
    • Containers may arrive up to 60 minutes after the requested time and must be accepted. If the container is rejected, additional charges will be incurred in line with the Carriers tariff.
    • The Waste Generator has a duty of care not to overload the container (Max 26,500 kgs). Containers found to be exceeding the UK road weight limit will be the responsibility of the Waste Generator to rectify the over loading, all costs applied by the highway agency/police/haulier or shipping lines will be to the account of the company responsible.

 The Waste Generator is to take the following photographs :

    • The container, at the start, midway through and on completion of the loading process (prior to closing the doors).
    • The annex documents stuck inside/onto the container door
    • Once the container doors have been closed and seal applied, photographs of the doors (clearly showing the container number & tare weight) and the seal (including a close up) are to be taken so the seal can be read and checked prior to submitting BOL.
    • The container is to be weighed. The weigh ticket is to include the date, time and container number. If you are unable to weigh the container at site, we will arrange for this be processed at the terminal port, a TVGM charge will be applied to your invoice for each container. The invoice value will depend upon the Shipping Companies current charges.
    • The Annex/Drivers note, photographs and weigh ticket are to be emailed upon loading of the container email [email protected]
  • Your invoice will be emailed to you prior to the collection date.
  • Payment of all charges for the week’s loading are to be sent to the following sterling bank account as per the agreed terms set by SRR. i.e. pro-forma invoice, payment upon completion of loading.
  • Please use the invoice number as the bank transfer payment reference number
  • The proof of payment is to be emailed to Nick at SRR on email [email protected]


Container Loading



Min. Loading Weight (1) (6)

Max. Loading Weight (2)

Loading Time(3)


Car passenger tyres pressed and baled

Car Tyres, 4×4, Motor Bike, Small Van, 17.5 Truck, and Small Agricultures

Pressed and Baled

26,000 Kgs

26,500 Kgs

3 hours max.


Agriculture Tractor Tyres – 3 cut equal ratio 1 tread, 2 sidewalls

Tractor tyre sidewalls removed using a tyre cutter, both the tread belt and the two

sidewalls to be included. Pressed and Baled

22,000 Kgs

26,500 Kgs

3 hours max.


Commercial 3 cut truck tyre equal ratio 1 tread 2 sidewall

Commercial Truck tyre sidewalls removed using a tyre cutter, both the tread belt and the two

sidewalls to be included. Pressed and Baled

26,000 Kgs

26,500 Kgs

3 hours max.

No One Cut Tyres ie; ¼ ½ ¾

Please ensure the following is adhered to, to ensure successful shipping and unnecessary additional costs.

Photo evidence of the loading of cargo through out the container minimum 4 photos (see Container Loading)

  • Photograph of the container door showing the container number (7 digits) and all weight info. (see Container Loading))
  • No Loose Tires (4)
  • No Perished / Rotten Materials (5)
  • No Blowout Tyres (5)
  • No OTR / Earthmovers / Solid (5)
  • No Other Materials are permitted to be loaded. (5)


  • Please ensure that containers are loaded according to minimim weight and no more than maximum weight, as defined in Container Loading table, and of baled tyres only.  Any costs incurred as a result of weight discrepency or from the presence of foreign material will be passed back to the Loading Yard responsible for the container.
  • All Containers are weighed at port and any overweight boxes, will need to be re-worked before shipping.  If this is the case,we will advise you straight away, however all costs incurred due to being overweight will be for your account.
  • Due to Import Custom regulations, loose tyres are not permitted, any shipments held due to loose tyres will have all costs incurred invoiced back to loading site (This penalty can be very high).
  • If you exceed the three hours for loading, a charge of £85 per additional hour will be invoiced to the Loading Yard..


  • All costs incurred by materials being loaded, other than those permitted, will be invoiced to the Loading Yard.
  • All containers reported to be under the minimum weight of contract type, the shortage of weight will be charged at £155 per Metric Ton to the Loading Yard.

These Loading instructions are governed by our terms and conditions.